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A couture collection designed by Padina Bondar, uncovering the dark reality of gender based human rights violations that are still globally practised and accepted in society.




A Vital collection

Created to extinguish ignorance and ignite social change. XX utilizes the gowns as a powerful vehicle to communicate these inexorable issues, embodying violence and oppression within the fabric in a beautiful yet bittersweet presentation. 

On the streets and on the runway, fashion has long been used as a tool of resistance. Fashion has the ability to connect people and offer a powerful and accessible form of protest and gives a voice to the silence of the female experience. 



Be among the first to get an exclusive viewing of the centre piece gown and a behind the scenes look at the concepts for the additional 10 gowns in the collection which will be exhibited internationally. 


XX Collection

XX was the original collection of a series of gowns dedicated to women's issues. The goal was to make the biology of the body beautiful, desirable, and devoid of shame.